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An ace design helps to build reputation of your company. We specialize in designing Website & App layout which will spurt your brand image in the market. An outstanding design of your business website can give a good competition to other brands in the market as well as will set up your brand name in the business sphere. We tactfully design your business website that reflects your brand image and make your presence inflexible among your competitors. Being an eminent web designing and development company we adeptly design your website that is easily navigable for business exposure. Our extremely talented team of creative designers strives to deliver exquisite design at an affordable price.

B Know How We Create A Brand For You

Landing Page : Click to Conversion

Landing page of a website is designed for the purpose of propelling visitors to visit your site and complete an action which you might have expected from them, which could be generating an enquiry or calling you. Globopex is a Web Developing and Promotion company in Kolkata focuses in creating a marvelous and user friendly design concepts.

What’s the need of a landing page?

If you want a strong online presence of your business you have to invest in online marketing and for digital marketing requirements landing page design is a must as because it will direct users to visit your homepage. The moment the users click to an add link, they are redirected to your website; they should be captivated in such a way that won’t leave your webpage before responding to your call-to-action.

What are the essential aspects of a landing page?

The header of a page is a notable aspect of a landing page. A highly appealing header can give you heavy influx of visitors. Our main focus is on creating an impressive header for the page which will stick the visitors to your website. Personalization being an important factor of the landing page we build it based on the visitor’s history, demographics, geo-location and others.

Website : Attractive Layout

Designing a Website layout includes both web graphic and interface design. Our skilled designers have thorough understanding of the medium are always ready with a creative mindset to deliver a lucid and crisp design.

Graphics : Innovative Visualization

Graphics is a form of art used for projecting ideas using attractive visuals and textual content. Interactive designs will highlight your uniqueness and let you stand out from the crowd. We are providing appealing and creative Corporate Identity Design, Logo Design, Flash Web Design, E- Catalogues and much more.

Globopex is a leading Kolkata based web designing company comprising of young and skilled craftsman, who always sprouted up with fresh ideas. We promise to deliver our clients highest quality graphic design and corporate identity solutions. Our team holds expertise in designing Brochure, Flyer, Newsletter, Emailer, Catalogues and Booklets.

Our Graphic design services at a glance :

  • Brochure Design : A brochure is an informative tool narrating the product and service you offer. Designing brochure at Globopex will captivate a large section of clients that will abruptly support your business to flourish by conveying your exclusive ideas through beautifully designed brochure. Our dedicated team of professional designers dispatches your brochure within your time frame.
  • Flyer design : Flyer design is considered to be the powerful tool for promotion and marketing that represents company’s mission and vision and the product and services. Globopex exclusively designs flyer in a way that it instantly evoke purchasing decision of the targeted audience. Our objective is to uniquely design flyers for your business that results to increase in sales at an affordable pricing and within the time period as promised.
  • Newsletter : With years of experience in the field of newsletter designing Globopex carefully thinks about the design and the layout of the content that reflects your brand image.
  • Emailer : We serve fresh and unique email design using updated graphical techniques that is relevant to the business of any sector which narrates your product and services briefly.

Banner: Creating it !!

A mirror is an ideal tool that manifests one’s image clearly in front of the race. Globopex Technologies acts as a mirror for your company. We exclusively frame dynamic web banner design that reflects your business as well as a product/ service image to the customer. We provide customized web banner design services for advertisement on major search engines namely Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It is claimed to be one of the quickest and effective ways of marketing your business to clusters of users. Our expertise designers yield captivating web banners with profuse content that complement your business and arrest your targeted customers.

Our Banner Design Services include :
  • Flash Banner : Globopex spearhead in Flash banner design in effectively spreading your brand message, getting response in bulk for online ad campaigns. Our skilled designers crafted eye- catching high quality custom Flash banners that loads instantaneously helps you to perch in the long run of online advertisement.
  • Animated Banner : Bona fide design and correct execution of animated banner ads can bring your business in the spotlight. With years of experience Globopex is technically sound in creating these small commercials that can only benefit you when it is played in the backdrop of your business website.
  • Static Banner : Static banner is simple, affordable, customizable, cross browser friendly and easily navigable. Designing static banner at Globopex will provide you the best value for money in banner design. Our expert team of designers targets to confirm those viewers of your banner into targeted viewers.